Photo © Donna Legault

Donna Legault
* in Ottawa (CA), lives and works in Ottawa and Montreal (CA)

2017, 2-channel video installation, color, sound, loop, 5 min.


»Drone« draws on research into the physical dynamics of insect flight and behavior to offer a multisensory installation informed by the integration of video projection with live immersive sound. The five-minute looping video is produced by merging images appropriated from scientific experiments documenting the wing beat patterns of bees with documentation of their robotic counterparts that are currently being developed by microrobotics labs in the USA and Japan.

The projection of light in collaboration with participants' movements produces a soundscape that is tuned to frequencies specific to the drone of bee flight and communication behaviors. This live soundscape is generated by custom electronics and sensors positioned on the back of each of the speakers that act as a series of projection surfaces and interactive sonic interfaces. As people circulate in the space, their movements periodically disrupt the projection of light, which influences the pattern of sound produced by the corresponding speaker. This arrangement gives participants access to a speculative engagement with the tangible sonic experience of bee activities.


Sponsors: Hexagram, Milieux: Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology

The artist is part of the international network Hexagram. The collective is dedicated to research-creation in the fields of media arts, design, technology and digital culture based in Montreal (CA) and consists of over 80 members.