Marc Lee
The Show Must Go On.
Photo © Marc Lee

Marc Lee
*1969 in Knutwil (CH), lives and works in Eglisau (CH)

»The Show Must Go On.«
2017 ongoing
, online news channel


The German federal election is made for the big stage of the media: staged reality TV shows are sold as political debates, and »stars« like Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz conquer the stage armed with perceived facts. Political opinion-making is served up in easily digested tidbits that circulate on Facebook, Twitter, and other digital platforms. Social media have become firmly established as a key player in election campaigns.

The online work »The Show Must Go On.« presents the self-perpetuating maelstrom of a social media-fueled election campaign as exaggerated, absurd theater. The latest Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube posts containing the political parties' and leading candidates' key terms are selected and woven together by a bot into a wild live TV program in which images, tweets, and videos flicker across the screen in real time and icons in the signature colors of the contestants' political parties display their current online market value.